Friday, September 7, 2012

Ranaco Group of Companies

RANACO Group of Companies, established in 1984, is recognized as being amongst the pioneer industry player in the maritime and oil & gas industy of Malaysia. Helmed by Captain Dr. Ramlan bin Ramli, RANACO steered to cater the needs of the professionals in this industry.
As the International Maritime Organization (IMO) introduced more legislations to regulate the shipping and maritime industry, Captain Dr. Ramlan realized that there was an urgent need to provide appropriate education and training to improve and enhance the competency levels of the players in the industry.
RANACO seized the initiative with the establishment of Ranaco Industrial Training Centre and Ranaco Education and Training Institute.
RANACO's education and training courses include diploma programs as well as industrial certification in the fields of Maritime, Safety, Hospitality, Logistics and Accountancy.
RANACO further expended by opening brances in Malaysia and Indonesia. Today, in the stable of Ranaco Group of Companies are the following business units:
In Malaysia:
  • Ranaco Industrial Training Centre (RITC),
  • Ranaco Education & Training Institute (RETI),
  • Vocational Training Programme (VTP),
  • Ranaco Security-Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (S-SHEQ),
  • Ranaco Production and Training Centre (RPTC),
  • Ranaco Kuala Lumpur Office,
  • Ranaco Labuan Office.
In Indonesia:
  • College of Economics STIE Tridharma Bandung Indonesia,
  • Education & Training Institutions LPP RETI Tanjung Pinang, Riau,
  • Education & Training Institutions LPP RETI Kabupaten Subang Jawa Barat,
  • Ranaco Jakarta Office.


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